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Turmeric Tea


Nutrition and Benefits:

Akin to a detox tea, our new special blend is geared to provide maximum benefits through a two-week protocol. We gathered four potent herbs and spices recognized for their anti-inflammatory properties and combined them into a blend to be consumed as a tea twice a day.  This proprietary blend has been especially made to optimize the health benefits of all and each ingredient through synergy and increased bioavailability.  While each one of the ingredients in our blend promotes a healthy inflammation response on its own, the synergistic combination of green Tea with Turmeric, Ginger, and Chamomile yields a powerful and deeply revitalizing all-in-one teas beyond compare. Be consistent and stick with it and you get an über-anti inflammatory protocol*




I recently stopped taking my RA meds. After 15+ years I have decided to try a more holistic approach to pain relief. Tumeric is said to be a winner for inflammation.  I am one week into my two-week protocol and I feel a difference already.

John M, FL

I bought this tea because I heard it might help arthritis. I don't drink it every day, but on the days I do drink it, my hands seem to hurt less. But besides that, it's a delicious tea, with spiciness and an edge of sweetness so you don't have to put any sweetener in it.

Laura C, FL

This is a great product.  Both teas taste great and I find myself looking forward to either my morning or evening tea.  Now I like all kinds of teas mainly for the healthy attributes, NOT TASTE. I don't add sugar, honey, etc, I just drink tea straight after steeping it.  Most teas to me really have either not much flavor, but a strong herb taste to them, but there is something different about this tea though! I steeped the morning tea for 10 minutes to get the full flavor, thinking it would just have a gross and very strong herb taste, but I was wrong. It really has a smooth, sweet, and a little bit spicy/earthy taste to it. It's great and I recommend this tea for both TASTE and HEALTH ATTRIBUTES.  Will definitely stock up !

Madeline, FL

My past couple blood tests for my physicals were showing borderline elevated levels of liver enzymes and CRP, so I was in search for some natural cleansing remedies. I believe this tea is helping me. I have not yet received another blood test to confirm, but I do feel more energy at work. Whether or not its psychological, it works in my favor. As for CRP levels, it was a sign of inflammation in the body and I knew exactly where the pain was (my hands and feet) but as far as I know the painful inflammation is almost gone. Before the tea, I was using prescription anti-inflammatory painkillers but now have put a hold on the medicine since I am feeling better.  Is it the tea? Maybe, but the good part is that I'm not relying on meds. Only time will tell, but for those in doubt, this is a tea very well worth the investment if one is looking for a natural remedy of sorts.

Michael L, NY